Monday, 12 October 2009

Broken Foot :o(

Hi All,
I know I've been a really bad blogger recently and I haven't posted anything for ages. I'm really sorry everyone, I have still been making cards but just completely ran out of time to post them. But I'm now getting everything in order and will post all the cards I've made recently so that you don't all miss out!
It's been the start of the netball season so I've been really busy getting everything sorted for my new team, we've won our first too games (whoop whoop!) but then I sustained an injury in our last game and I've broken my foot. I'm not very happy about this as it means I won't be able to play for 6 whole weeks.....but on the plus side it means I'll have plenty of time to make cards as I'm laid up on the sofa! Every cloud and all that aye! So, on with the cards...

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