Monday, 31 May 2010

Football Mad (shame it's Man Utd!)

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend, what a shame about the weather! Typical ay! I went to The Glitter Pot's Craft Extravaganza on Saturday although I spent most of my time in the shop rather than watching the demonstrations!! (My most favourite shop in the whole wide world!!) Still picked up some good tips though :o)
Onto my card. This one is a commissioned card from my God Mother for one of her friends who's mad on football but clearly has no taste as he supports Manchester United (boooooo!). I hope he likes it as it was very painful to make, lol! What do you think?...
Close up of Jolly Nations Football Man coloured with my Copic markers...
Inside of card...
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The backing paper is My Mind's Eye Laundry Line 'Heirloom', the football paper is by Karen-Marie Klip and I made the Manchester United crest paper. They're all layered onto Core d'inations Raspberry card. The Happy Birthday sentiment is Craftwork Cards Oh My Words! and I've also added Carftwork Cards Craft Candy in the Man Utd colours of Red, White and Black. The sentiment on the inside of the card is by Elzybells and I've added some Glamour Dust too.
I'm going to enter this card into the Papertake Weekly Challenge Blog, Sketch #41.
I've made a few more cards this weekend so will be back over the next couple of days to share them with you. Just a quick post today as we're off to spend the day with our Nephews, Neice and Daemo's Sister, Brother-In-Law and Dad. Hope the weather brightens up so we can get out in the garden for some cricket! I think it might be a Wii day though, lol!
See you all soon,
Lots of love


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