Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sketch Saturday :o))

Morning All!!

Happy Easter everyone  :o))  I hope you all enjoy the holidays and have something fun planned?  And the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy choccie too, mmmmmm lol!!

This week over at Sketch Saturday we're sponsored by Sparkle Creations.  Here's this week's fabby sketch

And the prize up for grabs is 2 Sparkle Creations stamps;

Scooter Chloe

Cruisin' Chloe

Cool huh?!  Hope to see you playing along  :o))

Apologies for not being around this week guys.  I had my stitches out last Friday and my wrist seems to be healing well, thank goodness  :o))  But all the fiddling around; removing the old cast, taking the stitches out, cleaning up around the pins and putting the new cast on left me in quite a bit of pain again over the weekend until about mid week  :o(  However since mid week it is definitely feeling a lot less painful and I've been able to massively reduce my pain relief, wahoo!!  So I hope to be about a lot more next week checking out all your fab creations  :o))

It was a bit of a shock when they removed the cast, I've got 3 massive pins (that actually look more like meat hooks to me!!) in my arm - two on the top of my arm and one in the side under my thumb.  It made me feel really queasy seeing them, honestly after all the medical procedures I've been through (and that's a fair few believe me!) it was a broken wrist that turned me into a complete jelly, lol!!  But the nurse was really kind looking after me and let me choose a new coloured cast to go back on and even put glitter on it for me too!!  So I'm now sporting a 'Dakota Blue' (Kings Hill Dakotas is the name of my netball team and we play in a blue netball kit) with loads of added glitter cast!!  Such a girl ay, lol!!

Have a fab Easter everyone and a great week too.  Hopefully I'll see you all next weekend but I'm back to hospital on Friday to have the 'meat hooks' removed, owwwwww!!  Wish me luck!!...

Much love,


Faye said...

Oh hun, just think how strong your amr is going to be when it's all fixed up! You'll be able to craft for DAYS without stopping!! ;) Lovely to hear from you and enjoy your Easter. Mmmmmmwah. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline, the whole thing sounds horrific!!! I think I'd have keeled over! So glad you're on the mend though. Fab sketch and aren't those stamps just gorgeous?! xx

Pauline said...

Oh you poor thing, I hope it heals quickly for you and you get back to your crafting. Happy Easter, hope you get lots of chocolate!

Wishcraft said...

Ouch hun, sound horrible! Bet you'll be glad when it's all over. Hope you have a lovely Easter :o) Lisa x

coops said...

ooooo hun, that sounds really wonder you felt queasy.
i hope you can soon have the pins and cast removed so you can get back to crafting.
take care and have a fab easter :D

xx coops xx

Paper Hearts Handmade Cards said...

Hi there, I have just came across your blog and your cards are gorgeous, have become a follower and look forward to seeing more of your lovely cards, hope your wrist is on the mend too............k x