Sunday, 13 December 2009

Jolly Nation Box Christmas Cards

Here's the next batch of cards I've made, Jolly Nation Box Cards. I made these for my Nephews and Niece. I wanted to make them something different and special, as they are very special to me and my Hubby. I gave them to the kids last night (we were on baby sitting duties, lol!) and they loved them! Maisy (who's only 3, aaawwwwww) wanted to put her card on the Christmas Tree! Archie (who's 7) has kept his card in his bedroom and Henry (who's 12) said it was the coolest card he's ever seen!! High praise indeed, what am I going to do next year?! Here's the cards...
This is Henry's card
This is Maisy's Card, she absolutely loves cats!

and this is Archie's card. I'm not sure for how much longer he will believe in Santa, he probably does when s big brother isn't around, lol!

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